The George Cooper Award For

Camp Eberhart

The following individuals have been given the George Cooper Award for Camp Eberhart for their willingness to help Camp Eberhart. Either financially or through on-going day to day activities, the following volunteers have helped Camp advance for the first 100 years and hopefully, with their continued efforts, for the next 100. Thanks to all of you - Camp wouldn't be in the shape it is, if not for your efforts!

2004 - Nancy Oare Butler, Ernie Oare and Carol Oare

2005 - Rick Doolittle

2006 - Brice Emanuel

2007 - Cole and Jeannie Davis

2008 - Dennis Stark, Pete Fournier

2009 - Charles and Anne Hillman, James and Jill Hillman, Noel and Tom Yarger
Sarah Singleton and Chris Sallows

2010 - Jamie Miller

2011 - None Awarded

2012 - Bob Kolbe

2013 - Jennifer Eaton (for extraordinary feat of heroism), Louie Sandock

2014 - None Awarded

2015 - Bob Kolbe (2nd Award)

2017 - Officer Reid Spitaels SBPD (for extraordinary feat of heroism)


Again - thanks so very very much for your help in making Camp Eberhart a better place.