Summer Camp Starts

June 20, 2021
This is your camp. Some of us have left a lot in this place, and we are glad we were able to. I hope every youngster here will be able to leave something at camp that will be able to make the place just a little bit better for...
George A. Cooper
Eberhart has made such a difference in the lives of my children and now my grandchild. Camp doesn't just change lives. Camp transforms lives. I want to make sure camp is around for generations...
Carmi Murphy
I began as a camper, then a counselor, eventually a director, and now serve on the Alumni Association. I want to make sure camp thrives for another 100 years of campers to come. This place isn't just a special place...this...
Chris Sallows

News & Events


Our weekly Sunday worship services are returning for 2021. May 30 through Sept 5 , Pastor PJ Horn will conduct Sunday morning service at 9:00 AM at our outdoor Chapel . The service is open to the public.


2021 overnight camp is filling up quick! Remember, we are running at a reduced capacity this summer to ensure your campers health and safety. We can’t wait to see you at camp, so register NOW before sessions fill! See updates...


At YMCA Camp Eberhart the health and safety of our campers and staff have been our number one priority for over 110 years. This past year has been a challenge for everyone - with decreased outdoor activities, increased screen time...


2021 OVERNIGHT CAMP UPDATES Sessions Ending on Friday: We are thrilled to be offering resident camp in 2021! In doing so, we have worked hard to make the appropriate adaptations to ensure your campers health and safety. As we move...