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Sessions Ending on Friday:

We are thrilled to be offering resident camp in 2021! In doing so, we have worked hard to make the appropriate adaptations to ensure your campers health and safety. As we move forward, we will be ending each session on Friday evenings as opposed to Saturday mornings. We understand this is a big change, however, this will allow our staff to have the time to properly sanitize all bunks, cabins, common areas, program areas and equipment before the next session of campers arrive. We also value your weekends and this opportunity will now allow you one weekend free of travel! Campers who are registered for multiple sessions or programs that run multiple weeks will continue to stay at camp over the weekend, enjoying fun activities specifically planned for the holdover, with accommodations being made to clean/sanitize their weekend lodging and program areas.

We require all international flights to and from camp to be scheduled for Saturdays. Saturday arrivals allow international campers to have an evening to rest before meeting their bunkmates at check-in on Sunday. There will not be additional overnight fees for these campers.

Checkout will be held from 4:30-6:00 PM in Klinger Hall on Friday evening. We will end each session with our dance party tradition, and all campers will receive a healthy and hearty snack before pick-up (perhaps a Bumblebee Tuna sandwich?). Many of our families are traveling from a distance and late pick-up arrangements for Friday night can be made through the camp office to accommodate all of our camp families.

Check-In: Report to Klinger Hall between 2:00–4:00 PM EST on Sunday.
Check-Out: Report to Klinger Hall between 4:30-6:00 PM EST on Friday evening.

Camp Activities:

We are excited to announce that campers will pre-sign up for 3 activities instead of 4 this summer. The 3 activities they pre-sign up for will continue to be based on skill development and proficiencies in the same fun and traditional fashion we have always offered. The 4th activity will be a daily choice option for our campers. This will give our campers a unique opportunity to experience more camp program offerings, explore camp and have time to connect with other campers outside of their cabin and program areas. We strongly believe that children thrive when they have the freedom to make their own choices.

We have also made safe changes to our open swim period to reduce the volume of campers enjoying the waterfront at one time. Camper’s swim period time will be based on their cabin and age. This will allow our campers plenty of time to enjoy the waterfront, which includes swimming, jumping off Coop’s Tower, boats/canoes/kayaks and Hezekiah’s Treasure Chest (snack store).