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Email Your Camper

YMCA Camp Eberhart is an unplugged camp, however, if you have an emergency and need to speak to your camper, please do not hesitate to call the office line and we will connect you to your camper. Our desire is to create a sense of independence and character development among our campers, but we still also firmly believe in working with parents to make sure your child is as comfortable as possible at camp. We also have a one-way email service ($5) that allows parents to send daily correspondence to their camper. Emails can be sent through your online account created during the registration process and are delivered to campers daily. Emails are distributed just like traditional mail and is checked every day at 9:00 AM. Also, if you would like to have packages delivered to your child, you are welcome to bring them at check-in. Just let us know who they are for and when you’d like them delivered.

Follow these directions to email your camper:
  • Click here to log into the YMCA Camp Eberhart Registration system.
  • Log in using your email as your login and enter your password
  • Next screen should say “My Account Dashboard” (if it does not – then click on “MY ACCOUNT” next to the Y at the top)
  • Click on View Itineraries
  • Click on Camper’s name next to B&W Picture
  • Click on Envelope SEND EMAILS (Or if you need to purchase emails – follow directions on said page.)

And while it may seem outdated, campers are always excited to receive real mail and we know you want to keep up with all the exciting things your child is experiencing at Camp. Our counselors make a special effort to encourage campers to write home. If you have a younger or first-time camper with us, consider writing often. Help your kids keep in touch by packing pre-addressed and stamped envelopes. But, please don’t worry if your child doesn’t write frequently. Usually, the kids just say, “I was just too busy having fun!”